Our Comany take part in the Akita economic and trade delegation to Japan

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On October 15 2015, the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, deputy mayor he Xiangdong met to Akita, Japan Ministry of Commerce and Industry Minister Takahashi Shanken head of Akita city on behalf of the trade delegation. The two sides to expand exchanges in the field of two exchanges, extensive cooperation in the economic and trade aspects of the in-depth exchanges and other issues.

On the same day, He Xiangdong on behalf of the city of Takahashi Shanken, a line of welcome, and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Lanzhou. He Xiangdong said that since the city of Lanzhou and Akita City, this year has been thirty-third years, the two cities have established a profound friendship and good relations. Hope that the next two cities in all areas of economic and trade, cultural and other fields, to further carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation. Takahashi Shanken said that as a friendly city of Lanzhou, to see the western city of Lanzhou to have such rapid development, very happy, hoping to cooperate with Lanzhou in economic and trade and other aspects of extensive cooperation. Reportedly, Akita city business delegation line access to the city during the visit also examines the Gansu Qihui Trade Co., Ltd., China Metallurgical Import & Export Gansu Branch, visited the Qilian wineries and vineyards, etc., and with the relevant personnel of Lanzhou city forum for exchange and cooperation.