Breif Introduction

Gansu Qihui Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional import & export shareholding enterprise established after the reform of foreign trade system in Gansu province. The business backbones of our company are with 20 years foreign trade experience and the business team is with good professional proficiency. Gansu Qihui Industry & Trade Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in machinery and electronic product, light industrial products, non-ferrous metals, deep processed agricultural products and food products. We strive to develop to the window and star of foreign trade enterprises in Gansu province and the northwest of China since the company is established. In recent years, the business backbone of our company has participated many major projects of Chinese government and Gansu province government in Gansu Province. Our company is in charge of introducing advanced technology and equipment in those projects. The import amount is up to tens of millions of US dollars. Those projects involve aluminum industry, copper industry, machining, academic institution, petrochemical industry, food and agricultural products processing, etc. Gansu Qihui Industry & Trade Co., Ltd has built close cooperative relations with the above mentioned project units, which laid a solid foundation for export product. Exported mechanical and electronic products mainly include light industrial machinery, Food process machinery, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, industrial Robot, Transmit machinery, aluminum foil, aluminum bar, aluminum sheet, aluminum strip, aluminum profile, various petroleum machinery and electrical equipment, undertaking the overall design and construction of the factory and helping equipment selection and procurement, etc. Exported deep processed agricultural products include potato starch, potato flakes, potato granules, modified starch, solid and liquid malt extract, grape wine series, tomato paste, apple jam, apricot jam, concentrated apple juice, goji berry series product, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, local Chinese herbal medicine, various vegetable oil, hops, etc. Our company has also established close cooperation relationship with some enterprises with good reputation in coastal areas of China. We strive to develop entrepot trade which relates to articles of everyday use, foodstuff, and children products and so on. We are trying to change our management ideas, endeavoring to import the good products of other countries to sell in China. In recently years, we have obtained good results in this aspect. The imported products include oak barrel, olive oil, grape wine, aluminum titanium boron fiber, valve maintenance facilities, etc. We will strive to gain better achievement in the future. At present, we have successfully expanded Asia, Europe, America, and Australia markets. Our exported products are welcomed by more than 20 clients in 16 countries and regions. Gansu Qihui Industry & Trade Co., Ltd is guided by the ideology of credit first, based on Gansu, global view, careful cultivation, development personnel, realizing circulation, and operates according to law. Since established, Gansu Qihui Industry & Trade Co., Ltd has strictly kept its operation philosophy of honoring contract and promise-keeping, and built mutual trust working relationship with government departments and business units. All work that has been done creates a good foundation for future development of the company. We will make persistent efforts and hope to reach the ambitious goal of annual import and export amount up to ten million dollars, with the trust and support of different sectors of society.