EAG Group meeting in Lanzhu For 5 Stars Hotel in Belarus

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On the morning of June 10, 2014, Provincial Department of Commerce Director Yang Zhiwu met with Bahrain EAG Group Chairman Ibrahim, Madan, vice chairman, is eight metallurgical company in our province and Belarus and Bahrain EAG group cooperation Minsk five-star hotel project, communication and discussion, the chairman of eight metallurgical company Li Wanfn and Gansu Qihui industry & Trade Co., Ltd., general manager of Xu Zhiqi et al participated in the discussion. Yang Zhiwu, director of the first visit to Ibrahim, President of the line to visit our welcome, and Gansu on the Silk Road around the construction of the economic zone to do the introduction. Yang Zhiwu director pointed out that in recent years, the Gansu Provincial Department of Commerce in order to build the Silk Road Gansu economic zone as an opportunity to vigorously expand the province and the East and West and central and Eastern European countries in the field of economic and trade cooperation. Early this year, the provincial foreign trade association in Belarus, Iran, Huoerguosi, Xinjiang, respectively, set up a business representative office, targeted services to the province's enterprises to go out".

Yang Zhiwu, director of the Minsk Belarus five Stars Hotel project as the beginning, with the Bahrain EAG group to carry out multi-channel, multi field cooperation. Chairman Ibrahim said at the forum, is willing to strengthen ties with the Gansu Provincial Department of Commerce to expand cooperation in the field, but also willing to provide more and better cooperation projects in Belarus, West Asia and Gansu enterprises. Office, outside the office staff attended the forum.